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With over 110 miles of pristine coastline, 1.5 million acres of forest land, six rivers and the tallest trees in the world, Humboldt County is a mecca for naturalists, outdoor enthusiasts and those who love to live from the land. Humboldt County has world famous breweries including Lost Coast Brewery, the 33rd largest brewery in the United States and one of the few woman owned and operated in the country. Humboldt also boasts the most wineries per capita with 16 wineries to tour and taste. Humboldt Bay is the second largest, naturally enclosed bay in California and harvests one third of the oysters consumed in the United States. Humboldt County is also rich in history and Native American Culture. From our 6, active indigenous tribes to immigrants, to Spanish settlers from the 15th century landing of Juan Francisco de Bodega at Patrick’s Point in Trinidad, to the miners of the gold rush, Humboldt’s mix of cultures and architecture was, and is, a testament to the diversity of its people. Humboldt also has over 680 thousand acres of parkland and retains over 40 percent of all remaining old growth Coast Redwood forests making conservation a key part of our community. From the sand and fog of our beautiful coast to the heat of the mysterious Marble Mountains, Humboldt County offers a rugged beauty not found anywhere else in the world.

Market Population Summary

Metro Humboldt 126,518
TSA County Del Norte 27,507
TSA County Trinity 14,313

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