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ESPN promotes itself with trade shows, print advertising, remote broadcasts, on-air contests and direct mail. Sports and sponsor tie-ins add extra impact.


ESPN is the Worldwide Leader in Sports with comprehensive coverage of each day’s sports action and ultimate sports talk every evening and overnight. ESPN 1340 is made local with broadcast coverage of the SF Giants, NHL with the San Jose Sharks, NFL with the SF 49’ers, local university sports, NCAA action and much more.


genderGender: 81% Male
19% Female
homeHome Ownership: 81%
demoChildren in Household: 45% incomeMedian House Hold Income: $80,000
demo2Demographic Breakout educationEducation
Persons 18-24 22% High school or less 5%
Persons 25-34 27% Completed high school 21%
Persons 35-44 27% Some college 26%
Persons 45-54 14% Completed college or more 48%
Persons 55-64 9%
Persons 65+ 0%


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