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Bicoastal Media Creative Team

We are the Bicoastal Media Creative Team.  When a professional service or business is needs help in developing solutions to problems they hire other professionals to help these solve problems.

Therefore, Creative Team members spend time with key decision makes to collect information.  They come up with solutions and provide solutions that will help in a variety of ways.  All important to decision makers and critical in providing solutions for them.   

Bicoastal Media Creative Team members may create promotional ideas, like a job fair or live event where the community can visit.  Creative Team members may design a specific audio message the speaks to listeners.  They may also build a program for followers of social media channels about a core business component.  That way a business or organization can focus messaging. Creative Team members will also collaborate with others to develop web banners ads, or video ads.

Our Creative Team members also work with others to spread the word on social media.  As you know, social media is fast moving and constantly growing.  It takes continual care to keep your messaging flowing.  Bicoastal Media Creative Team members will work with you on developing your messages. You will be focused on communicating to the inner circles in your social media channels. 

When it comes to promotions, that is where our Creative Team members can create online promotional opportunities.  This can combine any and all of our six radio stations, Facebook channels, Instagram or You Tube channels where available.

From small businesses to large companies, our creative team has helped many businesses build great ideas that are attention getting and comprehensive.

We are in the idea business.  Our partners often tell us that it’s all about “IDEAS” and our Creative Team members can help.  The Bicoastal Media Creative Team can develop something exciting.   We will help you determine how to focus your message to our followers.  Thereby creating solutions for you!

Let us come up with an idea for you today!


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Bicoastal Media is an equal opportunity employer

Chief Engineer

Bicoastal Media is looking for a Chief Engineer, with 5 years experience, for their 6 station radio cluster in beautiful Southern Oregon.  RF Experience needed, knowledge of NexGen and IT systems is desirable.  Bicoastal Media is an Equal Opportunity Employer, M/F.  Please email resumes to: